Message from USA team director

by Jeff Lewis on February 11, 2011

Dear US Team member,

I know today has been a very difficult day for you. It has been very hard for us too. We all had been looking forward to a very special time in Slovakia, only to have it taken away from us. I am still in shock and imagine you are, also. Please know that we all are working very hard on making sure that everyone has been informed. We will be addressing financial issues in the next few days. At this time,we have cancelled the plane tickets that we bought from Austrian Airlines. We have asked whether a full refund is possible, and the airline rep is working with us to see if this is possible. We will keep you closely posted.

If you have purchased your own domestic ticket, please make sure you communicate with your airline and see if a refund is possible. You can show them the press release from ICSD that announces the cancellation if they ask for an explanation.

We are so very sorry about all the heartache and headache that this is causing everyone. We will give you our full support and attention, and hope you will work with and support us through this very difficult time for US Team.

Jeff Lewis Team Director

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