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The sport of curling was officially recognized in 1838, but the game of sliding stones across icy surfaces has been around much longer than that. Nowadays the sport has evolved to consist of two opposing teams, each with eight highly polished granite stones to slide. All 4 team members have a role to play: the curler slides the stone towards the target, and the skip calls the shots as the sweepers scuff up the ice with their brooms to guide the stone.

Curling is still a fledgling in the Deaf sporting community, and was introduced as a sport in the Winter Deaflympics only in 2007. The primary goals of the US Deaf Curling Committee are to promote the sport among the deaf and hard of hearing in the United States and to facilitate opportunities for curlers and people who are motivated to learn how to play.

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Upcoming Events

World Deaf Curling Championships 2025


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