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Known as football outside the US, the sport of soccer is arguably the most widely-played sport in the world. Many schools in the US have soccer teams, and it is a popular club sport for youth, adults and seniors. In 2023, USADSA and US Soccer formed a partnership in which the U.S. National Deaf Men's and Women's Teams are operated as programs within US Soccer's Extended National Team Program. 

The USA unveiled its first national deaf soccer team at the 1965 Deaflympics. Despite being the underdog compared to football powerhouses from European and Latin American countries, USA’s teams have held their own. The women have brought home the gold every year since the first time they appeared in the Games in 2005.


Kate Ward (Women)

Chris Jones (Men)

Sydney Andrews (Youth)

Upcoming Events

6th Pan-American Games

Canonas, Brazil, November 10-17, 2024

25th Summer Deaflympics

Tokyo, Japan, November 15-26, 2025

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