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Amplify Your Brand's Impact

Support our athletes and the future of the Deaf sports community by sponsoring USADSF's programs, events, and initiatives today! To learn more about our current packages, please reach out to us at

USADSF Value Propositions

Since our founding in 1945, USADSF has been a symbol of fortitude, perseverance, and determination. Aligning your brand with USADSF will convey a sense of trustworthiness and organizational excellence as well as demonstrate your commitment to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community and a more healthy and welcoming society for all. Below are some of our value propositions:

  • We represent world-class dedication, consistency, and integrity. 

  • We model high performance and accessibility

  • Our athletes continuously set a high bar of excellence and inspire emulation and awe. 

  • Our athletes reflect the diversity and excellence of our country 

  • Our stories connect our communities. 

  • Deaf sports provides pathways to success on the field and in life. 

  • Deaf sports transforms attitudes and makes our society more vibrant.

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