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USADSF Membership


Join as an athlete, coach, volunteer, or fan

USA Deaf Sports Federation empowers Deaflympians and Deaf and Hard of Hearing athletes to continuously reach their highest competitive potential.
Membership Benefits

Comprehensive Safety Program

  • Safe Sport training and a background screening process to help ensure the safest possible environment for you and/or your kid.

  • USADSF's Medical Committee help ensure athlete safety and that each athlete participates in a safe and healthy environment. 

Nationwide Advocacy Network

  • We advocate on behalf of Deaf and Hard of Hearing athletes at every level of sport. As a member, you will gain access to a nationwide advocacy network of industry leaders in sports, equiry, and disability rights. 

  • As a member of the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee (USOPC), USADSF is actively engaged with National Governing Bodies in various sports to promote best practices and close systemic gaps on behalf of our members.  

Access to Resources and Best Practices

  • USA Deaf Sports Organizations, associations and programs, have access to national resources, ensuring that administrators and operators learn best-practices and run their programs efficiently with fun in mind. This helps create an unmatched sports experience for everyone involved.

Deaf National Team Programs

  • Members are eligible to be considered for United States Deaf National Teams and the United States Deaflympic Team.

  • Through our affiliated National Sport Organizations, some members may have access to local, state, district and national player development camp opportunities.

  • Members who compete on the US Deaflympic Team receive USA Deaf Sports Federation insurance coverage. For most members, this is secondary insurance coverage for any events that occur during a sanction and qualified event. However, unique to USA Deaf Sports Federation, this insurance covers individual players, and not just one member of a team or associations, ensuring that you are covered in any catastrophic event, providing peace-of-mind.

Member Perks

  • Members receive exclusive partner deals and discounts on USADSF branded apparel

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