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USADSF Letter on the 20th Winter Deaflympics

Dear Members of the Deaf Sports Community,

With deep sadness, the USA Deaf Sports Federation (USADSF) has determined that the United States will not participate in the 20th Winter Deaflympics taking place from March 2-12, 2024.

Over the past seven months, USA Deaf Sports Federation (USADSF) has been in frequent communication with the International Committee of Sports for the Deaf (ICSD) to coordinate our planning efforts for the United States delegation to the 20th Winter Deaflympics. During this span, USADSF has repeatedly stressed the urgency of timely and thorough information. However, despite our best efforts, we were unable to receive satisfactory responses to our questions and concerns in a timely manner, nor were we able to receive timely confirmation of venues and schedules. The decision to move the location of the event earlier this month further exacerbated and reinforced these concerns.

Although the ICSD released additional details earlier this month on the new location in Erzurum, this information came far too late and without sufficient assurance for USADSF and to ensure our participation. The persistent lack of timely and reliable information in accordance with the Deaflympics Regulations have created significant financial, logistical, and security challenges that could no longer be tolerated. These factors have led USADSF and our National Sport Organizations to make difficult decisions about how much risk we are willing to carry and how much security—financial and otherwise—we are willing to compromise. Thus, based on the information available to us, the USADSF has determined that the United States will not participate in the 20th Winter Deaflympics.

USADSF remains committed to promoting opportunities in sports for Deaf and Hard of Hearing athletes and the Deaflympic movement. We are proud of our dedicated athletes who have trained countless hours in preparation for the opportunity to compete against the best in the world, and we will continue to work closely with our athletes and national sport organizations to ensure their continued success.

Finally, USADSF acknowledges the ICSD and the Türkiye Organizing Committee for their efforts in organizing this event and encourages the Deaf sports community to work towards a stronger and more sustainable future for the Deaflympic movement. For any questions or concerns, please contact USADSF at


USADSF Board of Directors


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